The Sun will rise.


I’m in. Despite a slight detour down what can only very loosely be described as a road, we found it. The boxes and bags piled in, and I suddenly realised just how much crap I have to fit in the caravan! A very slight, but very real panic set in, and I have been furiously un-packing, organising, and prettying up the place ever since. I had 3 hours sleep, waking up at 3am with a determination to clean and organise the kitchen. By 7am the place was something resembling a home. My clothes are even in the wardrobe, separated in to ‘country’ and ‘city’ clothes 😛 . The remaining books have their new shelf (although I found a few more after I took the picture), and the mandatory fairy lights are up.

A reasonable amount of books!

I was also determined to catch the sunrise. Just before 8am I downed tools, put on 4 layers of clothing, and headed out. This is where my life changed. I’m not kidding. Thoreau had his Walden, Plath had the Moors, well this mediocre Poet has a remote corner of Lincolnshire. Not 20 steps from the van door lies the river. The keeper of which appears to be a Heron. Now, I get giddy every time I see a Heron so I was pretty in awe right off the bat. What followed was a parade of wonder. Herons dotted the canal bank every few metres, cormorants sailed repeatedly over head, the river was alive with ducks of every kind, a Kestrel flickered stationary in the sky above ready to dive, and a majestic Pheasant in the field to my right looked at me as if to quaff ‘bloody tourists’. The sun was rising slowly on the paths horizon, nature in full swing around me, the crisp frost ground crunching under foot, and I thought, for a very real minute, that I might actually be dead and in heaven. Either that or in a Disney film.


Somewhere in the hum of life, I had forgotten I was, and always had been, free. I had forgotten what made me feel alive. Everything melted away and I felt pure love. I realised I never needed all those distractions, the nights out, the constant working, I just needed to come home. Then I dropped my phone because my hand was frozen out of it’s glove wrestling with the camera settings. I decided to walk back, but couldn’t help glancing back over my shoulder every few steps, just to smile, just to know that it will be waiting for me tomorrow morning, and every morning thereafter. And hey, if I can’t wait til then, there’s always sunset in a few hours.

2 thoughts on “The Sun will rise.

  1. Sounds wonderful! I miss the countryside….

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  2. Sounds like heaven:) x

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