And so it begins…almost.

It’s my final days in the city which has become my home. There is so much to pack, and do, and I am leaving it all to the last minute. Forever on-brand. The last 2 weeks have mainly been spent drinking, laughing, and eating with some of the incredible people who have made this city my home over the last 4yrs. I’m soaking it all in, taking mental pictures (and forgetting to take ACTUAL pictures).

2018 was probably the happiest year of my life, I love my job, I have a large network of amazing humans around me that care for me, and inspire me. I have a warm, safe home, and I am never short of events to go to, or new projects to keep myself busy.

So why am I leaving?

I’m a firm believer in growth. And growth can only happen through change. This City has taught me so much, but I’ve reached a plateau.

I tried to ignore the niggling feeling that something wasn’t right, I tried to resist, and in resisting I fell apart. My body knew before I did that I needed to leave. This City is wonderful, but it can also be a great place to get lost, metaphorically and literally. There’s always something to escape in to. Instant gratification sits like the imp on the Cathedral, urging you to follow it through the city streets until sunrise.

At the start of the year I sat down and thought about what makes me truly happy. The big things (doing a job I love and not having worry about finances), and the little things (boxes of buttons apparently). My work over last year has largely been voluntary. I get lost in my work, and I forget that money exists, meaning that I have trouble sustaining a basic financial existence. I also resent the current standardised version of life where you have to work all week just to pay rent and bills, and you’re supposed to be grateful if you are ‘rewarded’ with a night out on the weekend. Well fuck that. I didn’t sign up to it, and I don’t intend to.

So here I am. In just a couple of days I will be moving into an alarmingly remote part of the County, with nothing but a flat expanse of field and a river to walk along. Oh, and a caravan, I mentioned that right?


She needs a bit of work. But so do I.

Here’s to the next chapter. Whatever it may bring.

4 thoughts on “And so it begins…almost.

  1. I used to drive my bosses crazy quoting Heraclitus at them with ‘Nothing is permanent but change!’ They said I’d never leave! I did! … Whilst some things over the last few years haven’t panned out as I’d have liked, I’ve grown and moved forward again into areas I could never have imagined… Enjoy the walks, the new home, the change, the perfectly imperfect and everything this thing called life puts your way… 🙏


    1. Exactly! I’m glad you had the courage to break a cycle that didn’t serve you ❤ And thank you for the wellwishes 😀


  2. Now that I am back at work full time, as much as I enjoy it, I realise that my creative side will have to take second place now. Sad but true!


    1. It’s so hard to balance everything isn’t it! Hopefully you’ll get chance here and there!


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